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Other - Slotwings Williams F1 Fw08 1983 Donnington Test Senna (W40101) $94
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 23/8/15
First release by Slotwings in the Senna Collection, 12 cars over 3 years. This is a great looking model of the FW08 1983 test Williams as driven by the late Ayrton Senna at Donnington in the UK.

3375 Formula 1 / A1 GP
Scalextric - Scalextric Williams F1 FW20 1998 Preproduction (C2161) $229
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: NO   Rare: YES   Date Added: 26/1/14
Williams F1 FW20 1998 preproduction version. Production car is the Mecachrome livery #1. This car has white body with red wings, boards and airbox. It is very uncommon and a unique addition to a Formula 1 Scalextric collection. Car is in excellent condition, there is a mark on the front spoiler where connects to the body, otherwise mint.

1803 Formula 1 / A1 GP
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