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Scalextric - Scalextric Nissan Z Calsonic Impul 2004 #12 (C2722) (C2722) $99
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 27/6/17
Hard to find Nissan Z Calsonic Impul 2004 #12 with Quattrox base & car but not labelling. Car is mint, cardboard sleeve is faded due to sunlight.

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Scalextric - Scalextric Nissan R-89 Lemans racer #23 (Exin) Nissan livery SRS (9310) $64
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: NO   Rare: YES   Date Added: 3/10/16
SRS1 tuneable chassis. Almost mint, excellent body and chassis. Body is mark free and no damage which is hard to find due to being light weight lexan. Will run on all track types but may need some tuning for non-Scalextric/SCX tracks due to small guide blade.

6148 GT/DTM/Le Mans Racers
SCX - SCX TT Rally Car - 7 in total, Mitsibushi Pajero (1), Nissan Patrol (4) & Peugeot 405 (2) (Various) $999 **Sold DN WA 23/6/17**
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 24/5/15
Hard to find collection of seven SCX (Scalextric in Spain) TT Rally cars which have suspension and floating guides. The cars are all mint although two boxes are marked and rough and some boxes are blank, not marked for the car. Includes:* TT Mitsibushi pajero red limited edition rojo vintage 1993 (6346)* TT Nissan Patrol Mas Slot #9* TT Nissan Patrol Repsol #225* TT Nissan Patrol All White* TT Nissan Patrol Ponsa #280* TT 4x4 Peugeot 405 'Pioneer' 73020* TT 4x4 Peugeot 405 'Amarillo' 73030

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Scalextric - Scalextric Nissan R-89 Lemans racer #23 (Exin) Nissan livery SRS (9310) $109
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: YES   Rare:    Date Added: 12/4/15
SRS1 tuneble chassis. Box rough. Car almost if not mint. Has been loose in box but no damage to car. Very rare and interesting slot car ready for racing or display.

3561 GT/DTM/Le Mans Racers
Other - Other - STS Nissan Patrol #1 with spare truck body (2203) $119
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 26/1/14
Brand STS: Hard to get STS 4WD Nissan Patrol as well as MAN truck body. STS slot cars are slightly smaller than 1/32nd scale and run fine on Scalextric Classic or Sport track. The chassis comes with an extending guide and the chassis has a clever clip on/off to the body to save removing screws. The chassis and bodies are in excellent condition. The box is worn in parts as per photo. Uncommon and fun addition to any slot car collection.

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