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Other - SRC Ferrari 312T Clear 1979 Italian Car Diamond Series (SRC02207) (SRC02207) $149
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 27/6/17
Hard to find with only 450 released. This one is mint in box and looks great. Does have steering front wheels as the guide blade turns. Rare piece and great for display given unique clear body and rare with small production run.

6626 Formula 1 / A1 GP
Scalextric - Scalextric Ferrari 308 Preproduction Prototype opaque including non-standard black colour chassis (N/A) $699
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: NO   Rare: YES   Date Added: 15/3/17
A one off as it is a preproduction prototype to test the body shell produced is an accurate model. Is a fully working Scalextric car with lights front and rear too. A great addition to any collection of preproduction prototype Scalextric cars. Price is high due to the rarity and collectability.

7414 Preproduction
Scalextric - Scalextric Ferrari 375 F1 Tinplate #6 Dorino Serafini (C2928A) $64
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 18/10/15
Limited edition of 5,050 with this one numbered #1,899. Great looking open cockpit Ferrari model from Scalextric which looks great on the track or on display.

Scalextric - Scalextric Benetton F1 & Ferrari F1 Quality Approval Preproduction Sample (C549W & C550W) $119
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 11/10/15
Collectable one off of the 1990’s Scalextric “black box” releases of the Ferrari 643F1 #28 and Benetton Schumacher B193A #6. For each model released Scalextric have a quality control sample model assessed to make sure the final version will look right in terms of decals, colour and overall presentation. These samples are usually held by Scalextric in their archive collection but they release some at times. These two come as a twin pack and were purchased from Scalextric in the UK in late 2013. These two do not a Scalextric approval sticker but were advertised on eBay by Scalextric as quality approvals samples.

2628 & 2629 Formula 1 / A1 GP
Fly - Fly Ferrari F40 Edicion Especial Foroslot #6 (99170) $139
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 25/5/15
Promo car for Fly, Ref number 99170. Incorrect base & no sleeve inside box. Great looking and rare Ferrari F40 with Fly "Racing" running gear. Looks absolutely fantastic and fitting slot car version of the real supercar.

3542 Race
Scalextric - Scalextric Ferrari F40 Premier Edition Liverpool (C2150) $74
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 9/4/13
Hard to get short term production premier edition for english football. For Liverpool supporters as a rare Liverpool themed slot car.

252 Race
Fly - Fly Ferrari F40 Edicion Especial Nuremberg Limited Edition (F03301) $149
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 14/08/2012
Fly Ferrari F40 Edicion Especial Nuremberg 2010, limited release but unsure of number.

757 race
Scalextric - Scalextric Ferrari F40 Igol No.28 (C2036) $49
Condition: Mint   Boxed: Yes   Rare: Yes   Date Added: 23/03/2012
Hard to get version

218 Race
Scalextric - Scalextric Ferrari Premier League Complete Collection - All 7 cars released including Rare Chelsea incorrect labelled version (C2147 - C2153) $599
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 25/02/2012
Complete collection of Premier League English football special Ferrari F40 models released for very short period. This is all 7 models including the rare Chelsea model that is labelled "Premier League" in error when as should be labelled "Premier Edition". Includes C2147 Celtic C2148 Rangers C2149 Newcastle C2150 Liverpool C2151 Arsenal C2152 Chelsea & C2153 Tottenham. All in Mint condition and never used. Likely the only place you can get all 7 cars in one purchase.

229 Race
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