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Scalextric - Scalextric Chevrolet Corvette L88 Preproduction Prototype with paint test on white body (N/A) $499
Condition: Excellent   Boxed: NO   Rare: YES   Date Added: 15/3/17
Almost a one off as it is a preproduction prototype to test the body shell colour paint is correct. Is a fully working Scalextric car. A great addition to any collection of preproduction prototype Scalextric cars. Price is to be advised. Looks grest.

XXXX Preproduction
Pioneer - Pioneer Chevrolet Camaro X-Ray Special Edition (P020) $137
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 13/6/16
Limited edition special release of the Pioneer Camaro in clear x-ray body. Interesting and collectable car that is a fully functioning slot car.

3354 US Muscle
Scalextric - Scalextric Chevrolet Corvette 60 years of Corvette Twin Car Set (C3368A) $129
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 27/3/16
Limited edition of 7,000. Comes with two great looking Corvettes from 1970's and 2000's in unique special US themed liveries. Price includes a $5 surcharge for postage due to weight of item.

5890 US Muscle
Scalextric - Chevrolet Camaro "Big Red" #1 (C2975) $124 **Checking Stock Levels 7/3/18**
Condition: Mint   Boxed: YES   Rare: YES   Date Added: 27/6/15
Hard to find great looking Camaro as a tribute to the real "Big Red" '69 Camaro father and son Dan & RJ Gottlieb built for RJ to race in pro-production races and speed challenges. This is a model of the 2nd version, built after the first Big Red crashed in 1987. The real car has clocked 222 mph helped by being powered by a 800hp big block motor. Top shelf modified version of one of the most desired and great looking US muscle cars. The Scalextric model is a fitting scale model with those fantastic wheels and rich red duco.

4845 US Muscle
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