On Sunday 5th May 2018, Slot Cars Alive will be selling slot cars at Collectormania Penrith Panthers (Sydney).  1/5/18

Biggest Toy and Hobby Fair in NSW, I'll be attending with 400+ slot cars for sale or swapping. Collectormania has an admission fee and is located in the white big marque beside the main building at Penrith Panthers. Facebook search "Collectormania" or look at my eBay auctions for the flyer attached as a photo. Not too be missed. Join mailing list to receive more info on such events in advance. See you there!

Slot Cars Alive will be attending A.S.R.C.C. swap meet at Hornsby Memorial Hall (Sydney) on Sunday 5th March.  10/2/18

Biggest slot car swap meet in Australia with over 1,500 slot cars for sale. Slot Shop from Arncliffee attending with their Mobile Track. Not too be missed. Join mailing list to receive more info on such events in advance.

Slot Cars Alive will be attending Collectormania Penrith Panthers (Sydney) on Sunday 15th October  5/9/17

On Sunday 15th October Slot Cars Alive will have 500 slot cars for sale or swapping at Collectormania. If you want to get some new cars but don't have much free cash, then bring some of your more interesting and better condition cars. I am sure we can some swaps! Collectormania has an admission fee and is located in the white big marque beside the main building at Penrith Panthers. Facebook search "Collectormania" or look at my eBay auctions for the flyer attached as a photo. See you there!

25 New Cars Added  5/9/17

Mix of Aussie Supercar and other race cars as well as collectable mint and used cars added in the last week.

15 New Cars Added  7/8/17

A number of Club and special issue small production cars added including NSCC, Dutch Club SLN and Slot Car Festival.

25 Cars Added to Website  27/6/17

Mix of brands with some Scalextric. Mostly mint in box there should be some cars of interest whether a racer or collector.

12 Cars Added to Website  24/6/17

Mostly Scalextric including some V8 Supercars

15 Cars Added to Website  14/5/17

Mix of collectable cars and a number of V8 Supercars added to the website.

35 Cars Added to the Website  9/4/17

Mix of used and mint cars from some collections purchased. Most brands represented. For any used modified cars if you are interested in more photos before buying please contact me via the enquiry online form.

5 Cars Added to Website  29/3/17

PRe-production cars added to the website with price on application if interested.

15 Cars Added to Website  23/12/16

Mostly Scalextric with a couple of Pioneer collectable cars added to the website, the UK club the N.S.C.C. cars feature strongly.

15 Cars Added to the Website  3/10/16

Mix of mint boxed and unboxed old and newer cars.

20 Cars Added to Website  30/7/16

Cars added include Scalextric Preproduction Australian cars, Torana and V8 Supercar Holden. Also unboxed cars from twin pack presentation sets.

10 Cars Added  16/7/16

Cars added include a Pioneer as well as Scalextric Preproduction cars.

30 Cars Added  13/6/16

Various cars added to the website. Recently sold out Scalextric all the way back to 1970's cars like MRRC Vanwall.

On 10th July, Slot Cars Alive at Collectormania Toy & Hobby Fair  11/6/16

On 10th July, Slot Cars Alive will be selling slot cars at Collectormania Toy & Hobby Fair, Penrith Panthers, NSW, Admission Fee applicable. I will be taking 400 slot cars displayed over 3 stalls. For flyer please see my most recent eBay listings, it is included as the second photo.

10 Items Added in May  31/5/16

Some cars but also some SRC Porsche bodies as well as Tamiya 1/24th bodies

40 Cars Added in second half of March  27/3/16

Lots of hard to get collectable cars from less common manufacturers.

40 Cars Added in the last week  23/12/15

Varied brands included to end 2015!

40 Cars Added Recently  18/10/15

Mix of brands including a number of pre-production Quality Approval Samples from Scalextric

25 Cars Added in last 4 weeks  6/9/15

Mix of brands with some very hard to get items.

70 Cars Added in the last 4 weeks  14/7/15

Mix of every brand, mostly mint in box.

30 Cars Added  31/5/15

Mix of different brands including Scalextric, SCX, Fly and NSR

30 Cars Added  30/6/14

Mix of different brands

20 Cars Added  31/1/14

Including pre-production and also some Spanish STS 4WD

20 Cars Added  10/10/13

Mix of different brands, mostly mint in box

Selling more on eBay to go with the website  15/5/13

I don't always like eBay, it can be quite expensive to sell items and prevents me offering an A.S.R.C.C. member discount but there recent changes that have extended some free listing entitlements to sellers classed as "Power Sellers" such as myself. "Power Sellers" met certain requirements for feedback and experience and suggest chekc eBay FAQ's for full specific details. The recent eBay changes basically make it cheaper for me to list on eBay so will be using it more for an assortment of cars. Just click on the eBay link at top of this page next to "Find Us On" and you'll see what you may have missed. Not all eBay cars are or have been listed here. Cheers Dom

Do you want to save 10% on your purchases, do you have a liking for Scalextric?  15/5/13

If if's a yes to both of these, suggest you have a look the Australian Scalextric Racing & Collecting Club (A.S.R.C.C.) website www.scalextricaustralia.com for benefits of membership (including 10% off this website), events, limited edition club cars and other Scalextric slot car related information. There is an annual membership cost but it is a relatively small outlay of $40. I am proud to be on the committee of the A.S.R.C.C. and through "Slot Cars Alive" sponsor the monthly journal, Club Lines.

Over 300 separate items listed on the website........  15/5/13

With so many cars listed I hope there is something that takes your interest. Appreciate it may take a little while to load the photos for all items but but hope you enjoy scanning through what's there. If I don't have something of particular interest on the website, let me know and you may find I have it and can list it on the website for you. Hope you enjoy having a look.

27 cars added in last week - Scalextric, SRC, Fly, SCX, Pink Kar, STS, Avant Slot, Ninco  12/5/13

Whilst there may be only 1 of some of these brands I have now added a SRC Capri, STS Camel Land Rover, Avant Slot Le Mans racer amongst another Ninco, this time Lexus JTCC, and lots of Scalextric. The Scalextric include final pre-production Quality Assurance samples (purchased from the Hornby Archive Auction), some more modern Scalextric and the re-release Bentley and Alfa Romeo with modern guide. Lastly there are more Slot It added with a collection I have recently bought needing to be thined out a bit.

29 Cars added to the website in the last week -Slot It, lots of Scalextric and some Fly plus Ninco  29/4/13

Of the 29 cars added the first Slot It cars make it onto the website. Soem collectable and interesting Ninco cars as well as a mix of Scalextric. The couple of Fly cars include the distinctive Ford Capri 10th Anniversary Jagermeister racer.

20 Cars Added including Scalextric, Fly, SCX and Ninco  9/4/13

of the 20 cars added this week, large number limited edition Sport Scalextric including some US Muscle cars, as well as some all white cars. Other Brands include Fly kits (F40 and BMW Touring Car) and Ninco Lightning Porsche.

20 cars added including limited edition and first Fly cars.  09/05/2012

20 more cars added including a few Fly cars. Check out the awesome racing Le mans Ferrari F40 or the classic Levi's livery Alfa Romeo GTA. Also added are the GT40 Goodwood three car set and the Clark/Gurney Lotus49/Weslake twin set, both limited editions.

Scalextric Spares added - more to come  02/04/2012

Scalextric Spares were released in packs numbered 1 to 35 in the 1980's and 1990's and are very helpful to tune or restore older cars. I have a number availble and also have Superslix tyres loose in both Large and Mini sizes. More of the packs will be available in coming weeks. If interested please buy what you want through checkout and let me know if want more than 1 unit in accompanying message & I'll contact you with updated order. Prices range from $8 to $16 depending on rarity and what it includes.

The pack list includes:
1 Easy fit guide blades with braids X4 C8071
2 Round guide pivot for Porsche wild 360 C8072
3 Inline pinion and contrate gear set C8073
4 Inline motor assembly with motor pinion C8074
5 Long pick up braids X6 C8075
6 Eyelets X6 C8076
7 Grain of wheat bulbs X2 C8077
8 Easy fit bulbs X2 C8078
9 Tyre pack Audi/F40/Diablo X4 C8079
10 Tyre pack rear, Sauber Mercedes X4 C8080
11 Tyre pack Low profile X4 C8081
12 Tyre pack Sierra X4 C8082
13 Tyre pack Small supaslix X4 C8083
14 Tyre pack F1 front and rear 2+2 C8084
15 Tyre pack single seat racer front and rear 2+2 C8085
16 Tyre pack DTM cars X4 C8086
17 Tyre pack large supaslix X4 C8087
18 Tyre pack Suburu X4 C8088
19 Axle assembly Alfa Romeo C8089
20 Axle assembly Diablo C8090
21 Axle assembly Jaguar XJ220 C8091
22 Axle assembly Porsche GT1 C8092
23 Axle assembly Mercedes C class C8093
24 Axle assembly Escort Cosworth C8094
25 Axle assembly BMW 318 C8095
26 Axle assembly Mini C8096
27 Axle assembly Renault Megane C8097
28 Axle assembly Suburu C8098
29 Axle assembly 90s F1 cars C8115
30 Axle assembly Jordan C8116
31 Axle assembly Williams C8117
32 Axle assembly 90s F3 cars C8118
33 Axle assembly 80s single seater Cars C8119
34 Axle assembly DTM cars C8120
35 Axle assembly Truck/Rover C8121

60 Cars Added as of 23 March 2012  

60 Cars Added as of 23 March 2012, various items including some Pioneer box sets that are Scalextric digital plug ready.

Slotcarsalive Paypal payment checkout is back online  17/03/2012

Slotcarsalive Paypal payment checkout is back online and soon 60 more cars will be online

Payment Checkout Problems - Expected fix by 17/03/2012  11/03/2012

Hi, I apologise for the inconvenience of the website checkout not working at this time and I am very regretful this has occurred in my first 4 weeks with the website. Some unexpected & I feel unneeded requirements from Paypal have restricted my new paypal account and therefore the checkout mechanism. Paypal are reviewing proof of purchase and postage for two recent items to be comfortable of my account status and this should be complete by Saturday 17 March.

Please email me dominic@slotcarsalive.com if you have any queries or questions and we will be back up and running with the checkout very soon. I would like to end by highlighting my customer experience is excellent with 650+ 100% positive feedback and paypal sadly don't want to know about this or take a holistic customer view.

15 more cars added including a number of SRS racers  25/02/2012

The latest cars list at the top of the results if you show all cars.

The 15 items added include complete collection of the Premier League Ferrari F40's (C2147-C2153), new McLaren UK Slot Car Festival (C3330) and a number of boxed and unboxed SRS racers which have the chassis you can tune from the 1990's, made in Spain.

Hope you like them.

39 Cars Added including Scalextric Range Presentation Collectables  20/02/12

Today have added 39 cars including a number of hard to get collectables released from the 2000's back to the 1980's.

These include Scalextric range presentation cars such as Mustang 2003 (C2510), GT40 2004 (C2549) and GT 2007 (C2815A).

Also includes Australian relevant releases like the Brock (C0376) and Johnson Escorts (C0375) which were Bathurst released cars with liveries based on the touring car Commodore and Falcons of the day. A number of these cars added are very hard to get in Australia as well as overseas.

Always Seeking Feedback, email dominic@slotcarsalive.com  15/02/2012

Hi all, The FAQ's and website is coming alive with extra content and people requesting to be added to the mail list, very exciting! Just as exciting, cars are starting to go to new, welcoming homes.

I am hungry for feedback and your thoughts to make your experience even better.

The question I have for you? What is important to you with buying your next rare & collectable Scalextric slot car and how can I help make this easier or more satisfying?

As you get to know the website and experience looking for and buying slot cars I encourage your feedback, whatever you want to share to make your experience better.

If you are thinking it then others may also feel the same way, so I encourage you to mention it. At this time please email me dominic@slotcarsalive.com. Cheers Dominic

All Postage is Registered Australia Post with Insurance  15/02/2012

Postage rates have been added to the Paypal Checkout process. For simplicity using a sliding scale that increases slightly with the total value of an order and reflects most order sizes will go up in size as they go up in value.

All postage sent is Australia Post Registered Post with insurance and this is for your and my peace of mind plus our reputation as I want to offer an excellent customer experience and worth the small extra cost to ensure your parcel of collectable and rare slot cars arrives safely.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and embracing this approach. Cheers Dominic

Welcome  11/02/2012

Slotcarsalive has joined the internet with the website now live.

Welcome and happy racing, collecting and tuning. Cheers Dominic.

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